Light boxes

What kind of lights can a light box have?

The traditional light box style is back-lit with flourescent tubes. A modern, thinner option for the same lighting effect is a light panel.

In recent years people wanting something different have opted for edge-lit light boxes. These can use traditional flourescents or for thinner frames LEDs are a sophisticated option.

How slim can a lightbox be?

The slimest we offer is just 19mm.

All types, Single sided, Double sided, Wall Projecting, flush mounting or stand offs, Any Size, Any finish Light boxes can be manufactured to order

Please call 01702 557075 for custom sizes and specifications, we can manufacture in all shapes, materials, finishes and sizes to order!

Large format Flex face light boxes to order in any size can be manufactured

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600mm x 1700mm Totem light Box 650mm wide × 1720mm high× 350mm deep Weight 28 (kg) • Double-sided freestanding poste..

£245.00 ex.VAT

700mm x 1700mm Totem light Box 750mm wide × 1720mm high× 350mm deep Weight 30.8 (kg) • Double-sided freestanding post..

£269.50 ex.VAT

800mm x 1700mm Totem light Box 850mm wide × 1720mm high× 370mm deep Weight 36.5 (kg) • Double-sided freestanding post..

£329.47 ex.VAT

Freelight Lightboxes

Cost effective in-store 'lightbox' for displaying beneath existing in-store lights * Projects existing in-store lighting through front l..

£25.75 ex.VAT £27.75 ex.VAT

In Stock
Hi-Light Menustand Illuminated Hi-Light Menustand Illuminated

Freestanding LED display for A3 posters – ideal for ‘meet and greet’, menus, showrooms, galleries and museums.LED ‘edgelit’ illuminatio..

£148.87 ex.VAT

SnapLight Lightboxes (Enquire)

THIS PRODUCT IS A 4 WEEK FACTORY ORDER Front loading poster or transparency lightbox for wall mounting * Round-the-clock poster pro..

£63.90 ex.VAT £95.00 ex.VAT

2-3 Days
Traditional Lockable LED Illuminated  Menucase A3 portrait Traditional Lockable LED Illuminated  Menucase A3 portrait

TraditionalLockable Illuminated Menucase A3 portraitPortrait A3 Media size Manufactured to order Manufactured to order products can not be ..

£169.99 ex.VAT

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